We test your performance reliably, safely and effectively.

We use two categories of tests. Performance tests assessing physical abilities affecting sports performance and musculoskeletal tests assessing factors associated with injury risk. We also evaluate movement technique and kinematic parameters by video analysis.

diagnostika sportovcov

Strength and Power

Na testovanie silových schopností používame vertikálne výskoky. Hodnotíme štartovú, výbušnú a reaktívnu silu, ako aj schopnosť využívať elastickú energiu. Efektívne tak identifikujeme potreby v oblasti rozvoja silových a rýchlostno-silových schopností.

We do measurements using an OptoJump photocell system. It is more reliable and accurate in comparison with frequently used contact mats.


To assess start speed, acceleration and maximum speed, we use linear sprints. To assess change-of-direction speed, we use tests with pre-planned movement and tests with change of direction in response to a visual stimulus. Thus, we evaluate different agility components and enable its effective development.

To ensure maximum measurement accuracy, we use dual-beam timing gates. They prevent time distortion when interrupting the light beam between the gates by the athlete’s limbs.


To assess aerobic endurance and determine maximum heart rate, we use progressive shuttle run tests. We also use repeated sprint tests to assess anaerobic endurance. Thus, we efficiently identify the needs in energy systems development.

Musculoskeletal system

We perform a detailed anamnesis and specific tests to evaluate mobility, flexibility, stability, asymmetries and risk factors. Identifying limitations, we enable a proper selection of mobilization and stabilization exercises that play a key role in the injury risk reduction.